Pictures from a trip to Solastranden near Stavanger at the end of October. Photos taken with both iPhone and OM D-E-M5, processed with either Snapseed or Lightroom. What a lovely […]

Flight mode – reset

Flight mode - reset

There are probably many users who do not understand what made Google/Nik Software remove the Grunge filter from the Snapseed v2.0 update. It was the final touch on all of […]

Flight mode 4

Flight mode 4

Some new pictures from below and above the sky – as usual taken with the iPhone and treated in Snapseed while under way …



Some more pictures from Sunday’s walk around the block. This time the focus shifts towards more of the older stuff that’s been around for a while – and might vanish […]

New stuff

New stuff title

The first new stuff here since months and it’s all about some of the new stuff that’s being built in Bergen. Modernism in its current ugly, soulless copy&paste shape reminds […]